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  At ASC, we use beneficial bacteria to clean up ponds and lakes. As lakes and ponds get older, more and more scum builds up on the bottom. Beneficial bacteria will slowly eat up this “sludge”, decaying matter.

Bacteria will also;

  Beneficial bacteria is a non toxic, safe way to clear up bodies of water and is a great asset to water maintenance plans.

“I had talked to numerous salesman about cleaning up lagoons and their solution was a dead end. After two years of algae blooms brown water, and dead fish I was at my end and was ready to get the cat and fill it in. Finally I got a hold of a Biologist at Pond Pro. A year has gone by now and with aeration and all-natural pond clarifier my water is crystal clear, bottom of pond is back to sand, no gross algae mats, and my trout have fed aggressively all winter.”

      -Mel Dignean/ Extreme Landscaping