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Lorne Louden BSc.-CEO


Lorne’s early tenure in aquaculture and marine sciences started at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Center on Vancouver Island. The center is a shared campus of the Universities of Victoria, Alberta, and the Simon Fraser University. Lorne graduated from the University of Alberta in 1998 with his Bachelor of Science, specializing in Lake Biology.  

As an aquaculture specialist, Lorne helped the establishment of CDL Aquaculture, Leduc, Alberta. The facility was a commercial tilapia growing facility located in Leduc, and subsequently sold for commercial land development.

Lorne was instrumental in establishing Ackenberry Trout Farms, a family run trout facility, located in the County Of Camrose,AB. As CEO of Ackenberry Trout Farms, Lorne designed and built a state of the art re-circulating system that has supplied trout to many of the private and commercial trout ponds in Alberta for the past 10 years.

Lorne and family established Pond Pro ltd., a premier pond technology and supply company that supplies aeration, pumps, filtration systems, and a Lake & Pond Management Team to improve water quality and fish rearing capabilities of trout ponds and lakes in Western Canada.

As one of the leading Aquaculture Consultants in Canada, Lorne has been engaged to solve major water management issues in lakes and ponds in Western Canada, including a co-designed aquatic life support system for the trout ponds and otter ponds at the Edmonton Zoo.

Lorne was the President of the Alberta Aquaculture Association (AAA) for 4 years and continues on the AAA Board of Directors, as Vice President.

Jim Schroeder- Commercial Manager

Prior to joining Aquatic Solutions Canada, Jim held the position of Chief Marketing Officer for a fresh produce technology company. Jim established sales and marketing systems for new produce grower facilities, brokerage and logistics for fresh produce distribution, and lender relations for potential grower clients.


Previously, Jim held the position as General Manger of a newly acquired corporate factory retail location with revenues exceeding 8 million per year. Jim was instrumental in the restructuring of the location to include staff requirements, prime market analysis and advertising, just-in-time (JIT) purchasing, factory service training, warranty controls, and integrated accounting principles.

Jim previously was Corporate Business Manager for an Alberta based manufacturing company with annual revenues exceeding 10 million dollars. His primary focus was on restructuring all aspects of the business to include: accounting/ manufacturing/ inventory software, market analysis, JIT purchasing, maximized manufacturing flow, cost controls, process equipment maintenance planning, warranty planning, and human relations development.  

Jim’s earlier tenure in management includes:

 1. Development of two surface coal mines in Western Canada to include all facets of startup construction, process engineering, heavy equipment assembly and erection, maintenance operations and planning, human relations development and logistics management.

2. Senior Technical Advisor for Shell Canada with a major focus on surface and underground mine and industrial lubricant product design, process development, product testing, and market development

Born and raised in Western Canada, now residing close to Edmonton, Alberta, educated in Camrose, Alberta, Jim is a family focused, sports enthusiast, with exceptional interpersonal skills that contribute to a team building environment.

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