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  Pond Dyes have been successfully used by golf courses and municipalities for over 10 years. Pond dyes will turn any pond in to an aesthetically pleasing blue colour. There are many advantages to dyeing you pond including;

  1. Predator control. For municipalities and pond owners that stock their pond, it stops predators from being able to fly over top and see the fish. By removing their line of sight, birds will usually keep going instead of making home at your location.
  2. Weed and Algae Control. As pond dye blocks out the sunlight rays,it creates a natural barrier to the water, therefore reducing photosynthesis. The best time to apply pond dye is in the spring as soon as the ice comes off to stop the first algae blooms from occuring.
  3. Beauty. Dyes will turn any murky looking water in to a desired ocean blue colour.