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  Industrial waste water needs treated before the water can be released. Aeration is key in treatment ponds as it promotes the biological oxidation of waste waters.

  Large, dense populations of bacteria, protozoa, and other micro-organisms consume suspended and dissolved organic matter in the aeration tanks. As the micro-organisms need oxygen to live, air is pumped through diffusers in the base of the tanks. The rising bubbles of air also provide a mixing action, keeping the micro-organisms suspended and in contact with the wastewater.

  Aquatic Solutions can help you make your water suitable for its application or return it to its natural state so it can be released.

  Our aeration will help your facility maintain water quality parameters and meet the BOD and COD levels of your system. With both Surface Aerators and Robust-Aire Bottom Diffusers, aeration will help in any aerobic lagoon or treatment pond.

  Aeration helps with sludge reduction, ammonia and methane degassing, and CO2 stripping of treated water. Aeration is also shown to improve oxidation and clarify water in settling and discharge ponds to help meet effluent compliance standards. Our Aeration can help maintain chlorination levels as well as speed up de-chlorination processes before discharge. Evaporation rates can be increased and evaporative cooling can be improved with proper use of aeration.