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  To reduce the amount of weeds and algae in lakes and ponds we use;  

  For algae reduction we use algaecides in responsible doses, an improper dose of algaecide can do more harm then good.

  We have been very successful in the reduction of blue green algae (cyanobacteria) within Canada. Cyanobacteria form in shallow, warm, slow-moving or still water. They are made up of cells, which can house poisons called cyanobacterial toxins. A mass of cyanobacteria in a body of water is called a bloom. When this mass rises to the surface of the water, it is known as surface scum or a surface water bloom. Although we don't know the extent to which cyanobacterial blooms occur across Canada, we do know they mostly appear in the hot summer months and are quite prevalent in the prairies.

           Before treatment                     3 days after treatment